Growing markets

Lime is one of the leading CRM suppliers in the Nordic Region and we are approaching in the long term the rest of Europe in growing markets with low CRM penetration and a high rate of digitalisation.

Strong & growing cash flows

Pricing is subscription-based, and 60% of revenue is recurring. Our customers pay in advance, which gives us a strong cash flow and satisfactory profitability.

Scalable & profitable business model

Since 2000, Lime has had an average growth rate of 19% and an EBITA margin of 25%. We carry out hundreds of transactions every year, and we have a low customer concentration in which the ten largest customers are responsible for less than 6% of revenue.

Acquisition strategy for further growth & a strong product offering

We are looking actively for acquisitions which can complement our product portfolio, strengthen our competitiveness and contribute to increased growth.

Strong organisation & value-driven corporate culture

At Lime, we are building a team of high-performing and caring people. As an attractive employer, we have well-proven recruitment and onboarding processes, as well as a dedicated management team with solid experience.