#1 Promote digitalisation

Technological innovation is key to solving economic and environmental challenges in a sustainable way. At the same time, increased digitalisation brings new challenges related to information security.

We are investing in areas such as…

• Forums that increase the attractiveness of the technology sector among students
• More efficient work for non-profit organisations through the use of our products
• Cutting-edge information security

#2 Equal opportunities for all

As a fast-growing innovation company, we are dependent on attracting competent staff who contribute a range of backgrounds and perspectives. Lime is committed to a sound, value-driven culture, reflecting care, participation and equality.

We are investing in areas such as…

• Objective internal recruitment procedures and measurements for anonymised screening
• Training in unconscious bias
• Long-term targets: 40 – 60% women in all departments and markets

#3 Reduced climate impact

As a service company, Lime’s primary climate impact is in three areas – energy used for data storage, hardware and business travel. We also have the opportunity to make a positive impact on the climate by enabling our customers to work more efficient using just one tool.

We are investing in areas such as…

• Climate-smart IT: extending the life of computers, mobile phones and servers, reducing electricity consumption from local data storage
• Investments in solar parks, new electric and hybrid cars, charging points and energy-efficient cloud solutions
• Climate-smart procurement and supply chains