#1 Equal opportunities for all

As a fast-growing innovation company, we are dependent on attracting competent staff who contribute a range of backgrounds and perspectives. Lime is committed to a sound, value-driven culture, reflecting care, participation and equality.

We are investing in areas such as…

• Objective internal recruitment procedures and measurements for anonymised screening
• Training in unconscious bias
• Long-term targets: 40 – 60% women in all departments and markets

#2 Digitalisation & Entrepreneurship

Innovation and technological progress are decisive factors in solving both economic and environmental challenges in a sustainable way. We aim to promote this development by sharing our expertise in digitalisation, enterprise and entrepreneurship.

We are investing in areas such as…

• Forums which promote entrepreneurship and the creation of job opportunities
• Clear career development paths in all departments
• Improved customer and member care for universities, NGOs etc. through access to our software

#3 Positive climate impact

The environmental and climate impact is an area which demands everyone’s best efforts. There is a strong commitment among Lime’s employees, customers and investors to make a positive contribution and minimise our negative impact throughout the value chain.

We are investing in areas such as…

• Climate smart IT: Extending the life of computers, phones and servers, reduced electricity consumption from local servers
Investments in solar parks & new electric cars
Climate smart purchases