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Business idea: A full-service SaaS supplier with strong local roots

Lime is a one-stop-shop organization that covers the entire value chain. This creates a competitive offer and enables efficient and value-generating customer care solutions.

30 years' experience in developing CRM software

Local experts keep our customers on the right path

We make hundreds of implementations every year. We have seen it all.

Top-rated local support available to all customers

Our SaaS platforms

With three different SaaS platforms supported by in-house expertise, we help customers of all sizes and in every industry, with a special focus on the SME segment (small/ medium enterprises, local organisations) and a number of selected industry verticals.

Fast and user-friendly web-based Sales & CRM tool, loaded with company data and smart deal management flows. Streamlined to optimize and maximize sales.

Flexible application providing reusable, standardised components, APIs and building blocks to deliver both customized and packaged solutions

Live webchat and Customer Messaging solution which improves and simplifies communication between companies and customers.

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4 strategies for long-term profitable growth

 A more international company with strong verticals

Lime is one of the leading CRM suppliers in the Nordic Region, and our long-term target is the rest of Europe, which offers a growing market with low CRM penetration.


Selective acquisitions

An essential part of Lime’s strategy is to actively evaluate strategic acquisitions to strengthen the product offering, increase our expertise and resources, grow geographically and broaden the customer base.


Upgrades and increased sales to our existing customer base

We have a large existing customer base with great upselling potential. This gives us the opportunity to increase both revenue and customer satisfaction, upgrading to more modern technology and subscription models.


Platform expansion

Lime’s platform is under constant development with the aim of strengthening competitiveness, meeting changed market needs and attracting new customers. With a strong market position, broad customer base and close contact with our customers, we are strongly placed for cross sales and additional sales of new services and functions.