Lime as an investment

The CRM market in and outside the Nordics is large and driven by high growth

Lime is one of the leading CRM suppliers in the Nordics. The market in 2017 was worth SEK 3.6 billion forecasted to grow at approximately 12 percent per year to circa SEK 7.0 billion in 2023. Since 2020 we have also expanded to the Netherlands and Germany – offering CRM markets with a similar growth as in the Nordics.

The growth is mainly driven by rising CRM adoption, shift to SaaS and GDPR compliance.

Lime is a comprehensive CRM expert

Lime is the only vendor in the Nordics covering the full CRM value chain from development to support. We are the only supplier with a clear strategy to operate via a direct channel and we make hundreds of implementations every year and we know what is takes to be successful with a CRM implementation.

We have a powerful and scalable cloud SaaS platform with a sticky customer base

We have a strong product portfolio (Lime CRM and Lime Go) towards SMBs and local enterprises within our four verticals (real estate, energy, wholesale and consultants) and we continuously increase our investments in our products to be competitive.

Today, one of Lime’s most important ways of attracting new customers is a recommendation from our existing customers.

Our revenue churn is positive, which means that existing customers purchase more licenses and modules than those we lose.

We have a scalable and profitable business model with high cash generation

We have grown and been profitable since the start and the majority of our revenue is recurring. Our pricing is subscription-based and our customers pay in advance, which gives us a strong cash conversion.

We have a well-defined growth strategy with substantial potential for continued high growth and opportunities for acquisitions

We have an established position for further growth in as well as outside the Nordics, selling both licenses and additional modules to new and existing customers.

We are actively looking for acquisitions that can complement the product portfolio for both new and existing customers.

Lime has a strong and value-driven corporate culture

We have a well-proven recruitment and introduction process, as well as a dedicated and incentivized management team with extensive experience

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